Bard Heating and Cooling Products

Bard Heating and Cooling Systems

For over 90 years, Bard has been combining the time-honored principles of quality with tomorrow’s technological advances to deliver high-performance heating and cooling products all over the world.

Aloha is able to service and sell all Bard A/C products in South Florida.

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Lennox Residential and Commercial AC Systems

Lennox AC

Lennox Residential and Commercial are a leading innovator of home heating, cooling and air quality systems. From High-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners that save energy and money, to
Air filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and other systems for keeping the indoor air quality healthy and clean, Lennox is an outstanding choice for your South Florida HVAC needs.

Aloha and Lennox offer customizable solutions to match your family’s lifestyle and comfort level. Superior products and outstanding customer service make Lennox the leading authority in comfort systems.

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Is it a good idea to upgrade your air conditioning?

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Before we start answering this question, take a close look at your air conditioner unit. Do you think that it looks outdated? Is you AC unit older than 10 years? If the answer to these questions is affirmative then it might be a good idea to consider upgrade. Upgrading any electric device especially air conditioning system might sound expensive and complicated, but the fact is that this is a great investment that will pay off in the near future. Now let’s see how we can tell whether upgrading your AC unit is a good idea.

When is the right time to upgrade the AC unit?

From time to time, the air conditioning system must be repaired or cleaned. This is part of the regular maintenance and that’s it. However, this maintenance cannot prevent the inevitable crashes and problems. These are some of the obvious signs that your AC unit must be upgraded:

– Your AC unit is more than a decade old

Even if you have taken proper care of your air conditioning system, an AC unit that is more than a decade old cannot function as efficient as it worked when it was new.

– You have noticed increased energy bills

An AC unit that is old is less efficient and you will need more power and use it more frequently in order to get the temperature that you want. Of course, this situation will affect your energy bills.

– The AC unit you have is breaking down frequently

No matter how much you love your old air conditioning system it is the best idea to upgrade it when you notice that the problems occur very frequently. In this way you will save money.

– The thermostat that you have doesn’t do the job anymore

Modern thermostats are significantly different than 10 years ago. Manufacturers are using the latest technology in their production and they come with many interesting features. With their help you can set the AC to work with less energy when you are out of your home. This is something that you can’t do with your old thermostat.

– You don’t feel comfortable in your home

Is there a reason to use your AC unit if it doesn’t fulfill its basic feature? In case you notice that your home I very humid and that there is a huge difference between the temperature in different rooms, it is probably the best time to upgrade your AC system.

What advantages can we expect if we upgrade the AC?

There is more than one advantage of this type of upgrade. First and foremost you will find that there are many different AC installation and upgrade options and you can easily find one that won’t affect your budget. If you upgrade your air conditioning system you will also reduce energy bills, feel better in your home and avoid dust and mites. Finally, you will get a modern thermostat that will allow you to tailor the temperature to your needs.


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What Can I Do If The AC Compressor Doesn’t Turn On?

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It is very likely that you have experienced this scenario – you have spend a long and difficult day at work, you return to your home and you hope that you can finally de-stress in your cooled home. However, once you step in your home you notice a wave of warm and the compressor of the air conditioner simply won’t turn on. When we notice improper functioning in the AC, we always think that this is the worst time for such situation and this is when we get angry and frustrated. This is no surprise, especially if you live in Florida where having an air conditioner is a must because of the climate. It is true that there are many reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly, but in many cases it is the compressor that makes the problem.

What is the basic function of AC compressors?

It is very important to understand that the compressor is one of the crucial parts of an air conditioning system. Without a working compressor your entire system can’t work. In other words, the compressor’s basic function is to direct refrigerant all over the system. When the AC compressor moves the refrigerant, it actually compresses (this is how this part got its name) the cold gas in order to make it hot and under pressure. This is the moment when the heated air is released outside and your home is cooled.

Frequent AC Compressor problems

Remember that the cooling process can’t start in case the compressor is not turned on. So, in order to keep your AC running you must learn more about the common AC compressor problems. These problems can be separated into two groups – problems that can be fixed with DIY approach and problems that must be fixed by professional air conditioning service. We will mention some of the problems that can be fixed without professional assistance although it is always a better idea to ask for their help.

First and foremost, analyze the power supply. You must see whether there is some kind of damage and whether the air conditioning system is getting sufficient power. This is a very simple task and even if you have no experience in AC repair you should be able to fix it.

Furthermore, you must look for refrigerant leaks. In order to run smoothly the AC compressor needs proper amount of refrigerants. These two elements remove the hot air and release cold air inside your home. If the level of refrigerant in the compressor is too low, the compressor won’t be able to start working. This is a very common and easy problem. All you need to is to find the gauge and see whether there is sufficient level of refrigerants. If the levels are too low, you will have to call a professional service provider.

Another common problem is the valves. In case the AC compressor doesn’t start, you might be experiencing problems with the valves. Valves are used as a canal through which refrigerant is delivered. These elements tend to break down over some period of time.

Remember that these are only some of the common issues related to AC compressors.

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When Is A Good Time for Changing AC Air Filters?

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When Is A Good Time for Changing AC Air Filters?

If the AC filters are dirty they can easily lower down or kill the efficiency of the whole cooling system. That is why it is advisable to install new air filters for the new cooling season. Always check out for the minimum efficiency value of the filters, which is between one and twelve range for the AC`s for home usage. Remember that the bigger the number of the value, the better will be the filtration.

So what exactly is an air filter? It is a part which can be extracted from the air conditioner. Filters keep the debris and dust away from the air that goes into the system. So the air that comes inside is clean thanks to this air purification system. The filter will keep your air conditioner clean from clogging with small particles that can damage the equipment that is installed inside the air conditioner.

Air filters are preventing the dust from entering into the air conditioning system, and it keeps the dust inside until the filter is full. When it gets full then it needs to be changed with another clean filter, so your air conditioner would work properly. Dirty air filters can significantly reduce the airflow and the efficiency of the air conditioner, as well as the overall quality of the air. In order to keep your air conditioner working in best possible way, it is advisable to change air filters once per month.

If you do not replace the air filters regularly, then you may face several problems. Some problems that may occur are the following: air conditioning system may not run properly and the airflow would be reduced, the electric bill may go up as the system uses more energy, cooling efficiency will drop down and the whole system might get damaged, which will require additional AC repair.

There are several signs that you should not ignore when it comes to changing the air filters. As pointed previously, air filters should be changed once per month, but there are occasions when the filters may clog up and fill up in less than a month. If you notice some changes in your air conditioning system, then you should have it inspected quickly. If the AC is behaving strangely that usually means that there is some kind of problem with the airflow that goes into the system. Also if you hear loud noises from the air conditioner that usually means that the air filter is dislodged or clogged with dust and other debris. It is advisable to change the air filter before the arrival of the summer months, because the air conditioners are mostly used during the summer. The more the air conditioners are used, the more their filters are getting dirty. That is why you should do regular check-ups and replace the old filters with new ones before the summer season. After you replace the old filters with new ones, always pay attention and keep checking the air conditioner regularly.



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