It’s a truly terrible affair when your AC isn’t working properly. Not only have I experienced it myself, but as a guy who’s been helping people out with air conditioning repair Broward County for over years, I get to see just how disruption an HVAC breakdown can cause:

  • Discomfort
  • Equipment failures in businesses
  • Lost clients in commercial settings

There’s no need to put yourself through any of that. If you experience any problem with your AC system, be it loss of cooling capacity, strange sounds/odors, or unusually high electricity bills, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted air conditioning repair Broward County contractor.

Nevertheless, before you pick up the phone and call your HVAC company of choice (if you’re in South Florida, feel free to check out our service area and call us!), there are a few things you can do to save time and money:

Check your Thermostat

Before you call your air conditioning repair Broward County service, make sure the selectors are set to “cool” or “heat” and not to “off.” When the thermostat is set to cooling mode, it should be below room temperature. When in heating mode, it should be adjusted above room temperature.

Give your Humidistat a Look
If your home has a humidistat, it should always be on the “on” setting.

Air Flow

Before your air conditioning repair Broward County technicin stops, by, review the air flow in your home. Don’t be afraid to move objects that may be obstructing air flow.

See the Condition of your Air Filters

Don’t forget to check your air filter to see if it’s dirty or clean. A dirty filter can cause the unit to ice up. When installing the filter into the system, you want to check the directional arrow that indicates the flow of air. You want the arrows to point in the direction of air flow.

A restriction of air flow to the air handler results in your AC unit icing up. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for your HVAC technician to diagnose issues and perform adequate air conditioning repair Broward County.

The good news is it’s to defrost the system on your own. All you have to do is set the thermostat from “cool” to “off” and from “auto” to “on.” This way, the fan will run and defrost the coils for you. When the service technician arrives, he can go straight to diagnosing the problem and doing his job as an air conditioning repair Broward county specialist.

Drain Line Safety Flow Switch

Another item to check before you call for service is the safety flow switch located in the drain line. If you pull it out and you see water is backed up in the drain and overflowing, it’s okay to continue to run the system, as long as you can catch that water without it causing damage to the home.

If you feel you can’t and it’s going to cause damage to the walls or the floors, then simply keep the unit off until the arrival of your air conditioning repair Broward County technician.

Indoor/Outdoor Unit Communication

It’s also important to look at the communication between the thermostat, indoor, and outdoor units. The way to reset that communication is to set the thermostat to the off position.

Then, turn off the breaker to the indoor and outdoor units. Wait five minutes. Turn the breakers back on. Finally, set the thermostat to “cool” and adjust the temperature to the desired setting. Wait 15 minutes. If you’re cooling, great! If not, call Aloha for air conditioning repair Broward County service.

A way to check the outdoor unit to see if it’s working properly is to feel the air. It should be blowing nice and warm. That way, you know it’s cooling inside.

If you need help at any point, call Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. We’re ready and eager to help you beat the heat in South Florida.