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At Aloha Air Conditioning, we understand that your family’s health is important. That’s why we provide Air Duct Cleaning Fort Lauderdale to those who live in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and surrounding areas. Taking advantage of our services will ensure the air in your home is safe to breathe and free from the allergens that may cause your sinuses to feel irritated.

If you’ve found yourself experiencing nasal congestion, a sore throat, or hay fever-like flare ups recently, it may be due to a buildup of pollutants or natural allergens in your home. An increase in mites, pollen, dander, and dust can all lead to a higher occurrence of allergies and respiratory illnesses. With an increased buildup of these microscopic irritants, the air in your home can easily become more polluted than the air outside.

Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. provides extensive Air Duct Cleaning Fort Lauderdale services. We vacuum your entire system, and remove the buildup of allergens that may cause irritation and pollute the air in your home. In addition, we remove the pollutants that can’t be seen by the naked eye, and we will get rid of any mold or mildew that accumulates. At Aloha Air Conditioning, we recognize that vacuuming alone won’t eliminate the allergens present in your air conditioning unit, which is why we use ultraviolet light to tackle particles like as viruses and fungi. This technique has a proven efficacy in removing more allergens than other air duct cleaning services.

Our staff is fully trained in the HVAC techniques required to ensure this process is carried out efficiently. The result is that your air will be fresher, easier to breathe, and less likely to cause allergic reactions.

To learn more about how our Air Duct Cleaning Fort Lauderdale services can benefit your home, contact the Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. office Toll-Free today at 855-88-ALOHA (25642).



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