AC Coil Cleaning

Clean Coils Keep Air Conditioning Units Running Efficiently

One of the most important ways to extend the life of your air conditioning system and keep it running efficiently and effectively is by keeping the coils clean. Aloha Air Conditioning offers Residential Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning services, not only to keep air conditioning units running efficiently, but to prevent the spread of indoor air pollutants. A buildup of dirt on the coils prevents the unit from properly transferring heat. This causes it to work harder, wasting energy and adding stress and wear to the life of the system. Dirt build up in the coils also creates an environment conducive to the accumulation of mold, mildew and other biological contaminants in the system, which is then released into your home’s air.

Ensure The Cleanliness Of The Air You Breathe

The expert technicians at Aloha Air Conditioning perform Residential Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning efficiently and safely, ensuring that all system components are free of dust, debris and dirt. They are experienced in pressurized cleaning techniques and take the necessary care to ensure that no damage results to the delicate fins responsible for heat exchange. The coil cleaning process removes dry dirt and dust as well as tough grime accumulations. Coil cleaning also involves the application of biocides to prevent bacteria, mold, and contaminants from growing in the system, helping to ensure the cleanliness of the air you and your family are breathing.

The best time to take advantage of Residential Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning service is in spring, before the hot summer weather begins to tax your air conditioner. Coil cleaning is an essential piece of preventative maintenance that will extend the life of your system, save on potential repairs and keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. This will reduce your energy costs and prevent pollution of your indoor air, keeping your home environment extremely comfortable. Contact Aloha Air Conditioning today and set up an appointment.

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