If you live or stay in Florida, you surely do not want your air conditioner to stop working properly on the warm days. Air conditioners are great inventions that are helping us to cool our homes, but sometimes they can malfunction. That is why AC maintenance is so important. Fortunately, many standard air conditioning problems can be fixed at home by following some simple steps. The following are some standard AC problems along with guidance on how to fix them.

  • The AC is not cooling your home. If you notice that the warm air is coming out of your air conditioner, then a good thing to do is to check out the thermostat. Maybe it sounds too simple, but sometimes it may happen for the thermostat to be accidentally switched to ‘heat’ instead of ‘cool’. If that is not the problem, then check out the compressor and the condenser that are located in the unit which is outdoors. See if there is any debris that may have entered by the condenser coils. If that is the case then you need to get AC coil cleaning.
  • Blow comes out of the AC, but does not cool much. If the AC is working, but you do not get enough cool air in your home, then you should check the following. First thing you need to do is to lower the AC thermostat by about five or more degrees to see if that would help in lowering the temperature of your home. If that does not help, then check all your doors and windows whether they are close so there is no air escaping from your home. If none of the above is solving the problem, then the air conditioner may be too small for the space of your home. The best solution for your home may be the split system that can pump and spread the air throughout different parts of your home. As always, before you make any purchase you should consult with professionals about what type of system you should get.
  • The Air Conditioner is frozen. Even in the hottest days of the year, the air conditioner may sometimes freeze and stop your system from working. This is a very standard problem which can be diagnosed very easily. If there is an ice on the unit, then your air conditioning system is frozen. Frozen air conditioner can be result from numerous different things such as reduced airflow or some refrigeration problems. If you notice ice on your air conditioner, then the first thing you should do is to shut down the system completely. After the ice gets defrosted, check out the system airflow and change the dirty or clogged filters. Clean the debris and put new filters. This should be enough for fixing this standard problem. If it still does not resolve the problem, then contact AC professionals that will fix your system without problems. That way you would avoid any additional damage if you try to fix it by yourself.