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 The Benefits of Ductless

The popularity of wall mounted mini split air conditioners around the world is evidence that ductless equipment is here to stay. The United States has jumped on board and contractors and consumers keep finding new and ingenious ways of using ductless equipment.

A few reasons why…

Cost: A competitive United States ductless market has helped drive prices down and efficiency up.

Installation: Installation of ductless equipment is very clean and easy.

Space Requirement: Many older homes, cabins and additions were not built with central air conditioning in mind and do not have adequate space for ductwork. Wall mounted mini split air conditioners negate the need for added ductwork. Refrigerant line sets and wiring can easily run through attics, walls and ceilings to connect with the outdoor condenser.

Efficiency: Ductless split systems have become increasingly more efficient since United States minimum requirements rose to 13 SEER. It is not uncommon to find ductless equipment exceeding 20 SEER.

Zone Control: Many mini split owners already have an existing central air conditioner system in their home. Smaller central air conditioners and older equipment are expensive to replace and many consumers have purchased mini split air conditioners to cool areas that their existing systems can’t handle. Mini split air conditioners have the ability to cool any area or zone in a building.

Heating Capabilities: Many ductless mini split systems offer either heat pump or electric heat functions. This is an excellent added feature for areas that require heat during the year and either do not have a furnace or the furnace isn’t capable of adequately warming the area.

This post was written by Luis | October 14, 2011

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