Hi, this is Jim Barry from the Aloha AC team with another quick tip to beat the heat. One of the worst things for heat transfer is when there’s leaves and dead grass that have been blown into your air conditioner outdoors by your lawn man. This plugs your coils and prevents the heat from being transferred to the outdoors. So, always make sure that this area is kept clean and clear so your heat transfer is good and your energy bills are low. Another way to keep your air conditioner running more efficiently is to make sure that your outdoor unit is not in direct sunlight. You can purchase some pretty inexpensive plants from Home Depot or Lowe’s and plant them around so the sun doesn’t directly hit your outdoor unit, which will lower the temperature around it and make your unit run a lot more efficient. Call Aloha AC at 954-324-3164 or schedule an appointment online at alohaac.com/beattheheat.