A lot of times customers call and want to know how to bypass the programming on our thermostats. Well, it’s really simple. Just start with the thermostat in off position and click it to heat or cool. Then, adjust the temperature up or down on the display to the desired temperature.  Then, press the hold key. You’ll see that the board hold moves to under the set at temperature. The programming is now bypassed, and the temperature won’t change unless you press the plus or minus keys or turn the thermostat off. When you’re going out of town to prevent mold, Aloha recommends you set the humidistat to 65% with the thermostat set at 72 degrees. This will prevent mold while you’re away. When you return, set the humidistat back to on. This will allow the thermostat to control your environment. Call Aloha AC at 954-324-3164 or schedule an appointment online at alohaac.com/beattheheat.