Annual Energy Savings Agreements

Keeping up with your HVAC system could save you thousands in repair and replacement costs.

You know your automobile requires routine maintenance to keep it running at peak performance and to ensure its longevity.

What many do not realize is, like your automobile, your air conditioning system requires routine maintenance to keep it operating at its peak performance and efficiency. The fact is that while we love to think of our machines and appliances as fail-proof, any man-made machine will inherently need proper maintenance.

Even the highest quality machines require regular preventative maintenance to continue to operate at their reliable high levels. During a preventative maintenance visit, a service technician will most likely perform factory recommended maintenance on your system:

– Inspect and clean filters

– Inspect (and clean and lubricate if necessary) moving parts, evaporator coil, electronics, compressor fan motor, blades, blower assembly and safety controls

– Adjust belts

– Check refrigerant level

– Drain pan

– Check lines and evaporator coil

Preventative maintenance programs may vary slightly from one company to the next, but the general idea behind all programs is to ensure that all elements of the machine are working properly and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Over the past 30 years Aloha A/C has offered maintenance agreements to lower electrical costs and increase equipment longevity to our loyal customers and have saved them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs energy and equipment cost. Contact us today.

As an Aloha Air Conditioning maintenance agreement holder we will discount any charges by 10% should the system need service in between your regularly scheduled ac maintenance visits.

Savings, is not the only benefit you get by becoming an annual a/c maintenance agreement holder, you also receive priority status when you do call for service.

We can save you money by performing an energy efficiency tune-up on the air conditioning equipment and count the service call charge as a first maintenance visit thus waiving the service call charge. This is currently a $69.00 value.

Often times we can convert a service or repair call to a maintenance visit saving you up to 50% of your repair cost plus get you on a maintenance plan. Regular service helps to avoid some of those unexpected costs.

Q: What is an Energy Efficiency Tune-up Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement?

A: An Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C Maintenance Agreement is the performance of the following:

  • Check Refrigerant Charge pressure.
  • Clean the Inside Handler Condensate drain line and drain pan.
  • Check UV light. (if applicable)
  • Install Algae buildup preventive tablets.
  • Check the actual Temperature split across the Inside Handler and Condensing Coils for proper heat transfer.
  • Check each electrical component amp draw and operation.
  • Tighten all Electrical connections.
  • Lubricate any and all Motor or Blower Bearings
  • Check Belt wear and adjust tension
  • Inspect Filter and replace customer supplied Filter as needed (Filters can be purchased from Aloha, contact our offices for pricing)
  • All Energy Efficiency A/C Agreement customers will receive 10% labor discount on any regular service provided throughout the year.
  • All Energy Efficiency AC Agreement customers will receive Priority Service Call Status in case of equipment breakdown.

Parts and labor required for mechanical breakdowns will be billed at current retail prices unless covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Work specifically excluded from Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C agreement such as:

  • Coil Cleanings and common multiple drain or common multiple condensate line problems. (involving condominium or multifamily dwellings)
  • Replacing blown fuses, Resetting of circuit breakers.
  • Improper setting of thermostat or other controls and adjusting grills.
  • Replacing burned out disconnect.

The General Conditions of our Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C Agreement:

  1. All work described above shall be performed during regular working hours which are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Aloha reserves the right to charge overtime for work performed during periods other than regular working hours.
  2. This contractor assumes no liability for operation of the equipment. Under no circumstances will this contractor be liable for subsequent or speculative damages, or injury due to the use or the failure of the A/C system.
  3. This is not intended to maintain indoor air quality
  4. No service will be rendered under this agreement if customer has past due account.
  5. This Energy Efficiency Tune-up AC Agreement will automatically self renew by payment of the invoice from year to year.

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