Is it a good idea to upgrade your air conditioning?

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Before we start answering this question, take a close look at your air conditioner unit. Do you think that it looks outdated? Is you AC unit older than 10 years? If the answer to these questions is affirmative then it might be a good idea to consider upgrade. Upgrading any electric device especially air conditioning system might sound expensive and complicated, but the fact is that this is a great investment that will pay off in the near future. Now let’s see how we can tell whether upgrading your AC unit is a good idea.

When is the right time to upgrade the AC unit?

From time to time, the air conditioning system must be repaired or cleaned. This is part of the regular maintenance and that’s it. However, this maintenance cannot prevent the inevitable crashes and problems. These are some of the obvious signs that your AC unit must be upgraded:

– Your AC unit is more than a decade old

Even if you have taken proper care of your air conditioning system, an AC unit that is more than a decade old cannot function as efficient as it worked when it was new.

– You have noticed increased energy bills

An AC unit that is old is less efficient and you will need more power and use it more frequently in order to get the temperature that you want. Of course, this situation will affect your energy bills.

– The AC unit you have is breaking down frequently

No matter how much you love your old air conditioning system it is the best idea to upgrade it when you notice that the problems occur very frequently. In this way you will save money.

– The thermostat that you have doesn’t do the job anymore

Modern thermostats are significantly different than 10 years ago. Manufacturers are using the latest technology in their production and they come with many interesting features. With their help you can set the AC to work with less energy when you are out of your home. This is something that you can’t do with your old thermostat.

– You don’t feel comfortable in your home

Is there a reason to use your AC unit if it doesn’t fulfill its basic feature? In case you notice that your home I very humid and that there is a huge difference between the temperature in different rooms, it is probably the best time to upgrade your AC system.

What advantages can we expect if we upgrade the AC?

There is more than one advantage of this type of upgrade. First and foremost you will find that there are many different AC installation and upgrade options and you can easily find one that won’t affect your budget. If you upgrade your air conditioning system you will also reduce energy bills, feel better in your home and avoid dust and mites. Finally, you will get a modern thermostat that will allow you to tailor the temperature to your needs.


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What Can I Do If The AC Compressor Doesn’t Turn On?

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It is very likely that you have experienced this scenario – you have spend a long and difficult day at work, you return to your home and you hope that you can finally de-stress in your cooled home. However, once you step in your home you notice a wave of warm and the compressor of the air conditioner simply won’t turn on. When we notice improper functioning in the AC, we always think that this is the worst time for such situation and this is when we get angry and frustrated. This is no surprise, especially if you live in Florida where having an air conditioner is a must because of the climate. It is true that there are many reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly, but in many cases it is the compressor that makes the problem.

What is the basic function of AC compressors?

It is very important to understand that the compressor is one of the crucial parts of an air conditioning system. Without a working compressor your entire system can’t work. In other words, the compressor’s basic function is to direct refrigerant all over the system. When the AC compressor moves the refrigerant, it actually compresses (this is how this part got its name) the cold gas in order to make it hot and under pressure. This is the moment when the heated air is released outside and your home is cooled.

Frequent AC Compressor problems

Remember that the cooling process can’t start in case the compressor is not turned on. So, in order to keep your AC running you must learn more about the common AC compressor problems. These problems can be separated into two groups – problems that can be fixed with DIY approach and problems that must be fixed by professional air conditioning service. We will mention some of the problems that can be fixed without professional assistance although it is always a better idea to ask for their help.

First and foremost, analyze the power supply. You must see whether there is some kind of damage and whether the air conditioning system is getting sufficient power. This is a very simple task and even if you have no experience in AC repair you should be able to fix it.

Furthermore, you must look for refrigerant leaks. In order to run smoothly the AC compressor needs proper amount of refrigerants. These two elements remove the hot air and release cold air inside your home. If the level of refrigerant in the compressor is too low, the compressor won’t be able to start working. This is a very common and easy problem. All you need to is to find the gauge and see whether there is sufficient level of refrigerants. If the levels are too low, you will have to call a professional service provider.

Another common problem is the valves. In case the AC compressor doesn’t start, you might be experiencing problems with the valves. Valves are used as a canal through which refrigerant is delivered. These elements tend to break down over some period of time.

Remember that these are only some of the common issues related to AC compressors.

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Standard AC Problems and Guide for Fixing Them

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If you live or stay in Florida, you surely do not want your air conditioner to stop working properly on the warm days. Air conditioners are great inventions that are helping us to cool our homes, but sometimes they can malfunction. That is why AC maintenance is so important. Fortunately, many standard air conditioning problems can be fixed at home by following some simple steps. The following are some standard AC problems along with guidance on how to fix them.

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The Aloha Difference
Jim Barry Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc.

Jim Barry, Owner of Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc.

People always ask me to tell them about my company. I guess this is how I’d define Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc.

“Aloha is great people working with cutting-edge technology, working together to provide the highest level of service while lowering the cost to our customers.

“We do this by leveraging that technology to gain efficiency on every aspect of our business and passing on those savings.”

Everyone knows there are a lot of air conditioning companies in South Florida, but they’re not all the same.

So why should you choose Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. over any other firm?

Let me tell you why Aloha is the best choice:


We love what we do and we care about you!


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Aloha has been here for 33 years and we plan to be serving South Florida and the keys for many years to come.

We have been to your homes and businesses many times and know you and your AC system.


Our technicians carry the latest tablet computers on every sales and service call. Your complete service history and manufacturer warranty information are right at their fingertips.

This allows more efficient and knowledgeable service to you, our customer. If a repair is necessary, we know the closest place to get whatever part you need.

That way, your system will be up-and-running in the shortest possible time.


Because we’ve been around since 1982, we have strong relationships with the manufacturers and part suppliers.

I can’t tell you the number of times during an emergency our partners have opened their doors at nights, weekends, and even holidays so we could serve a customer.


Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc.

Occasionally an AC system has an issue that stumps even the most seasoned technician. On these occasions, our technicians don’t guess or try to make unnecessary repairs.

They instantly transfer a video of the problem in real-time to our service manager or even a manufacturers engineer to ensure the job is done right.

This can all be done on the same service call without delay in getting your system back in working condition.

Customer Service

Many contractors leave it up to the customer to register for the manufacturers’ warranties. If the paperwork is late or filled out incorrectly, it can result in less (or even no) coverage.

If you buy an AC unit from Aloha, we register the equipment for you. You can rest assured of receiving the maximum benefits of your warranty.

Just something simple like a warranty can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches should anything go wrong with your system.

Money-Saving Tips

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Our Team

A lot of AC repairs are simple and may not even need a professional visit to your home. Our website ( has videos of simple things anyone can check before calling to schedule service.

These include checking the thermostat, humidistat,  circuit filters, and air breakers.


Al our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, which allows our main office to see which technician is closest to you so we can quickly respond to your call.

Not only does this improve our response time, but the time-saving efficiency of this technology also lowers our cost to you.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. as your AC company. Our customers can tell you even more!

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Hvac Air Conditioning Heating Federal Tax Credit Changes for 2011 Savings up to 10% $500.00 the new Maximum

ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) have a new website feature helps contractors and Consumers Find Energy Efficiency Incentives – this wonderful page is worth a look here is the link:

FP&L (Florida Power & Light) Residential A/C Rebate Schedule link: 

New Rebate Schedule (Effective March 2012), Rebate Schedule (Old Effective 2008).

Updated 04/26/12: The House Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to hear testimony today on various bills to extend the tax incentives that expired at the end of 2011 or will expire at the end of this year.

According to the Joint Tax Committee, there are approximately 70 tax incentives eligible for extension by Congress, many of them are targeted to help small business owners make capital investments in their businesses.

Members of the Congress will have the opportunity to testify in support of legislation to extend expiring tax provisions they have introduced or co-sponsored legislation this year. There is expected to be discussion of extending the tax credit for the installing higher efficiency HVAC equipment (Section 25C), construction of energy efficient homes (Section 45L), the 15 year straight line depreciation for qualified improvements to leasehold, restaurants, and retail buildings (Section 168), bonus depreciation for small businesses (Section 168), and increased expensing allowance to $500,000/$2,000,000 and expansion of Section 179.

As a member of the Residential Energy Efficient Tax Credit Industry Coalition, ACCA submitted testimony urging for the extension and expansion of the residential energy tax credit. The coalition is seeking a robust energy efficiency tax credit for qualified products, including furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps, of 10 percent of the purchase price up to $1,000. The coalition believes that a $1,000 tax credit is generally the minimum incentive needed to motivate consumers to improve their homes by purchasing these higher-performing products, and to do so in sizable enough numbers to positively influence residential energy consumption.

To read the Member Proposals Related To Certain Tax Provisions That Either Expired In 2011 Or Will Expire In 2012, Click here. End of Update 04/26/12.

 Updated 2/29/12:   There is a bill circulating the Senate that, if passed, will create tax credits for consumers that reduce their energy usage by at least 20%. The bill establishes a $2,000 base credit for the first 20% decrease with a $500 stepend for each 5% reduction thereafter. The credit will be capped at $5,000 or 30% of the qualified expenditures, whichever is the lesser amount.

Experts have estimated that this bill will create about 19,000 jobs through contracting, supply, and manufacturing while saving 1.7 billion kilowatthours and 18 trillion Btu of fuel by 2016. This is enough energy to power 375,000 homes!

No one is sure if Congress will pass the bill as it does not identify where the funding will come from, but the fact that energy saving bills are still being considered in Congress is a good sign. This shows that the national mindset toward energy efficiency is changing, becoming more important to the everyday consumer. End of 2/29/12 update.

After hours of fitful debate, the House of Representatives passed the tax extender package last night by a vote of 277-148. President Obama is scheduled to sign it into law this afternoon. The new law will extend a number expired and expiring tax cuts and other incentives for individuals, families, small businesses, and investors.


If you listen to the news sound bites, everyone involved will says the bill is not perfect. Nearly every provision in the bill represents some form of compromise between Democrats and Republicans.


Included in the new law are the Section 25c tax credits, the official name for the energy tax credits available to eligible taxpayers who make qualified energy efficient retrofits to their homes. The tax credits are extended through 2011, but at a significantly reduced value and with changes made to some of the qualifying equipment standards.


Starting on January 1, 2011 and through December 31, 2011, an eligible homeowner can claim 10% of the costs, capped at $500, for the installation of qualified energy efficient improvements, subject to certain limits.


Under the new law, for HVAC and hot water equipment, the maximum a homeowner could claim is $300 for a qualified central air conditioner and heat pump, and $150 for a qualified furnace or hot water boiler, and $50 for any advanced main air circulating fan. The tax credit for qualified hot water heaters is limited to $300.


Beyond the change to the tax credit values, the new law will increase the qualifying standards for natural gas hot water boilers, propane hot water boilers, oil furnaces, and oil hot water boilers to 95% AFUE. The qualifying standards for natural gas furnaces and propane furnace remain at 95% AFUE.


The qualifying standard for central air conditioners and heat pumps, which were modified by the Stimulus bill in 2009, are not changed. Therefore, a central air conditioner must meet or exceed 16 SEER and 13 EER; and an air source heat pump must meet or exceed 15 SEER and 12.5 EER and 8.5 HSPF, in order to qualify for the tax credit.


Finally, the new law reinstates the lifetime credit caps, which disqualify any homeowner who has claimed more than $500 in 25c tax credits since January 1, 2005, from any further credits.


While the extension of the tax credits at a lower value is not ideal, it keeps the tax credits alive and leaves open the opportunity to change them in the next Congress and restore them to the $1,500 level. If the tax credits had not been included in the extender package, they would likely have disappeared forever.

This post was written by roilifter | December 20, 2010

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