A Simple Hvac Heating and Cooling System Duct Test Can Save You Money

Two-thirds of all homes have leaky ducts that go undetected. These leaks can cause your energy bill to go up and affect the comfort and air quality inside your home. The good news is, repairing leaky ducts is often fairly easy and inexpensive, especially with FPL’s and Aloha Air Conditioning’s help. Here’s what you need to know about your ductwork to avoid wasting energy and money.

1. What are leaky ducts?

2.  What can you do?

3.  How does it work?

– Up to $154.00 per central A/C system for single-family detached homes.

– $60.00 for multi-family, single-family attached homes, manufactured and mobile homes.

4.  What are the qualifications for a Duct System Test?

5. How do you participate?

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Aloha Air Conditioning and FPL Make Replacing Your Heating and Cooling System Easy and Affordable

 If your A/C system is over 10 years old, needs frequent repairs or just doesn’t cool or heat like it used to, it may be time to replace it with a new high-efficiency model.

1. FPL can help you by providing:

2.  How to qualify:

3.  How you’ll benefit:

4.  How to start:

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Maintain Proper Air Care throughout your central air conditioning and heating system

Maintain Proper Air Care

Your indoor air quality can be greatly affected by ventilation, dust, fumes from household products and smoke. To ensure the air inside your home is clean and safe, follow these simple tips:

1. Check your ductwork

2.  Repair leaky ducts

3.  Protect your air quality

4.  Watch your fireplace

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Happy Thanks Giving to All our Aloha Air Conditioning Customers

 Aloha Air Conditioning refuses to charge you holiday rates this thanks giving day. It’s our way of saying thanks to YOU!

We not going to charge you double time this thanks giving like other companies.

Why should you pay more just because your air conditioner stops working on a holiday.

We are treating Thanks Giving Day this year just like as if it was a Sunday. Times are hard enough and Holidays are not supposed to make them harder.

We hope you will not need to but in case you do,  know that we will be there for you.

Please have a safe and happy holiday.

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Aloha Air Conditioning customer reviews and feedback

We welcome your input. Tell the world about how we made you feel.

 Your best result is our goal.

 I could go on and on but I much rather hear from you!

Updated 6/11/12: Thank you very much Mr G.S. of Coral Springs, FL

 Aloha Air Conditioning Gordon S Customer Review Coral Springs Florida ac service

Mr. Gordan wrote: Rodrick Phillips services are AC units today and I agreed to have my picture taken and provide a statement for your web site.  Link this statement with my picture and thank Rodrick and your team. Within the last year I switched to Aloha AC for service and we recently installed a new American Standard, 5 ton, Allegiance 16 AC unit in our home.  I am very pleased with the service by the technicians and the management team of Aloha, but more important is the 22% saving in my FPL bill by converting to a much more efficient AC unit.  In addition, we received a $300 tax credit.  My only regret is that I didn’t replace the old unit sooner with Aloha. 

Updated 5/3/12: We have had the pleasure of Mr. Gary A from Lighthouse Point being our customer since 2005. We were surprised and are grateful to be able to share this letter

Aloha Air Conditioning review 4 20 12 Gary A of light house point fl

 Updated 4/23/12: Mrs. Jane C. of Pompano Beach, FL mailed us a letter shortly after we installed a new air conditioing system in her home. We are very proud of our service department and installation team that she is talking about.

aloha permitted install jane c pompano beach fl review letter

Updated 4/20/12: Yesterday we recived a letter from Elizabeth D. of Coral Springs.Aloha a/c review letter coral springs fl

Updated 4/12/12: Sometimes a picture is all you need. aloha mrs munro weston fl a/c repair service


On 4/12/12 we met Janet B. she had performed a Google search for “rheem repair 33433” and chose Aloha because she has a Hawaiian back ground and the name Aloha Air caught her eye.

She was a pleasure to speak with and we tried to help her self diagnose her trouble shoot and get her back up and running. After a short time we decided it would be best to sent a technician over. She was more then happy to pose and write a comment about how we made her and her dogie feel.

This is what she wrote, “OMG COLD Thank you! Derek! Oh my Goodness, Derek was the best ever! He gets 200% above the best. He is true ALOHA man. Mahala the rocks totally! I am in love (only I am 30 years to old + he has a family) Most polite kind helpful wonderful man!! AND IT’S COLD!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and you can’t make stuff like this up as you can see in the picture below.

aloha janet b air conditioning repair Boca Raton FL

Shortly after posting the above photo of Janet B. on facebook it received the following comment pictured below.


This past Easter Sunday, we received a call from Christ Church at 7 am.
By 8:30 am Our Technician arrived, shortly after he completed his repair and
no one attending the holiday services was affected.

aloha Easter Sunday emergency ac repair Christ Church Fort Lauderdale

On 4/4/12 Sue K. Wrote this about Aloha:

On 3/6/12 Marc Walther posted on our facebook wall about us:

Click here Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. to view the original posting on Facebook by Marc Walther about posted toAloha Air Conditioning, Inc. “As a former Manager of Georgian Court Apts., Inc., for over 20 years, Aloha A/C provided us with excellent service during my tenure. Our 144 Residents were grateful for the fast and reliable workmanship that we came to expect from Aloha. From day one, it was a pleasure working with Jim, Tim, Sherri, and Joey. This is one great team that had my utmost respect when I made a service call. They were always only too willing to work overtime to handle any situation for our Residents and the complex in General. Attached is a photo of the two large Evapco towers that Aloha installed a few years back, in place of the older Marley Towers. Aloha has kept them in excellent condition, as we had preventive maintenance plans in place. Besides these large units, Aloha serviced and replaced the smaller reverse cycled ones in each of the units. Joey and all Aloha Techs had a great rapport with the residents. They were always courteous and always put the customer first. It was a real pleasure working with Aloha all of those years and please feel free to contact me if you are considering a new unit (of any type) or for excellent service.”

two large Evapco towers that Aloha installed a few years back, in place of the older Marley Towers 

Marc Walther

On 2/27/12 Tara & Jackie at Bright Future Learning Center, said “Aloha has been servicing our a/c for the past 10 years. Our preschool has several units. They are prompt and efficient with the contracted service cleanings. Sherry always answers the phone and is extremely knowledgeable about the history of our units. Anytime we have an emergency they are out quickly and repair the issue with the least amount of interruptions to the facility. The crew is amazing, especially Derrick and Rodrick. They are very informative and professional. They explain repairs, preventative measures and possible future issues to us in a way that makes sense. We are pleased with the service that Aloha has provided to us over the years.”

“ALOHA has been servicing the units at Bright Future Learning Center in Coral Springs for the past 10 years. Our facility is fairly large and houses 6 a/c units. Our contracted maintenance service is always done on time. Sherry always answers the phone and is very knowledgeable of the history of the units. The crew is very efficient and always arrives to the facility quickly during times of emergency. Derrick and Rodrick are amazing! They perform their work with minimal disruptions to the classrooms. They are professional and very informative of the work they have done. They always explain their maintenance, repairs, preventative measures and future issues to us in a way that is easy to understand. We are very pleased with the staff at ALOHA and the work they perform.”

Tara & Jackie at Bright Future Learning Center Coral Springs Florida Broward

On 2/14/12 Mrs. Narain of Margate, FL said “I am very pleased with the services of Aloha Air Conditioning and Plumbing and their technician Rod, their salesman Tim and the services they provided. I am more then happy to display their yard sign.She called us out because her 1991 package unit that was a wall hung installation on the back of her home had rusted through the base and the blower assembly was getting ready to fall to the ground.


Air conditioning repair margate florida broward county

Thanks Mrs. Narian


On 2/13/12 Our customer had this to say:

Aloha Air Conditioning and Plumbing is Prompt, Efficient and Always on Time. I am happy to put out their yard sign! She also added, “I just wanted to say that your company has always been fast and your service is great. Your Tech, Rodrick, who has serviced me so many time, is wonderful, polite, and professional. He is thorough and explains the problem with professionalism and understanding. I hope to continue using your service as long as I continue to receive such TLC from your staff.”

Happy Air Conditoning and Plumbing customer in Tamarac Florida

Thanks Ms. Baez!


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